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Available Dogs - Major

Major17- "I think this is my best side."


Are you looking for love? Then I am your dog! 

I am looking for someone to love me for my wild and adventurous side while helping me to learn the benefits to sticking close to home (instead of escaping the yard).  I am a big, strong guy and my adventurous spirit makes me think that I can do whatever I want! I get along great with my two foster sisters and didn't have any trouble when other dogs visited for the holiday either.  They all love me because I am tall enough to reach the treats on the counter and I share with them!

I have bursts of energy and love to play, chew bones and chase my foster sisters around the yard. I love to go for walks and have been known to head off on my own if I haven't been able to get my daily walk in on my terms.  After that though I can chill pretty much anywhere, I have a crate I can hang out in if I choose. The couch is great, and dog beds too, but I prefer the floor if a lap isn't available for snoozing in!

I like to think that I have sewn my wild oats and I am ready to settle down and find someone to spend the rest of my life with...could that be you?



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Eight years old


65 pounds 

Health status:  

Very healthy and strong

Major personality traits:  

Friendly, happy, loving, energetic (in spurts), adventurous        

Interaction with dogs:  

Great! Has not yet met a dog he does not get along with!

Interaction with cats:  

Not advised! Very interested in chasing after cats, rabbits and squirrels

Child requirements:  

Older children - He is very excited when meeting people for the first time and his size and strength could be scary for younger children.

Fence requirements:  

Tall fence required. Will jump over baby gates and low fences.

General activity level:  

Can be very active and inquisitive but also tries to be a lap dog

Work schedule best suited for:  

Any. Foster works 7-4 and he has been fine for that length of time.

Leash manners:  

He does well. He is strong and does best with a Halti/harness type of leash. 

Degree of training needed:
Does not come when called, needs to learn boundaries in home and outside.
  • Major17-3 (1)
    Major17-3 (1)
  • Major17-2
  • Major17-6
  • Major17-4
  • Major17 loves bones!
    Major17 loves bones!
  • Major17- "I think this is my best side."
    Major17- "I think this is my best side."
  • Major17
  • Major17- "I'm just checking out the sunset over here."
    Major17- "I'm just checking out the sunset over here."