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Available Dogs - Mackenzie

Mackenzie sweet face


My name is MacKenzie (Miss Mac to my foster family) and I came from a shelter.  Not much is known about my history, but I am a healthy young girl and my foster mom thinks I am so pretty. I was kind of confused about life the first few days in foster care, but things are looking up!  My foster sister has been so patient and has taught me the coolest things like the art of stick chewing … who knew that was so fun?  We play chase in the back yard and I am figuring out how to retrieve a tennis ball.  Plus … she showed me where she does her business outside and I do it, too!   We’ve been on some long walks and when I get home, I am ok taking a nap with her on the kitchen floor, in the kitchen crate or at my foster mom’s feet while she is doing stuff.   Inside, I just love chewing on bones, peanut butter in a kong, toy animals (especially throwing them up in the air) and playing tug-of-war.  

It took me a while to warm up to my human foster male family members but I am learning to trust and let them love on me.  I’m a bit fearful sometimes, and startle or bark at sudden noises and stuff that I am not use to.  However, I respond well to hugs and kisses and can be redirected to a chew bone or treat. I struggle with separation anxiety when my people leave and I am showing encouraging signs at being more comfortable with this process and the crate.  I just miss them so much!  At nighttime, I do well in the crate that is located in my foster family’s bedroom and sleep through the night.  Sometimes, I need to be reassured they are still there. 

I am so sweet.  Won’t you let me come hang out at your pad?

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14 months


40 pounds

Health status:   Great

Major personality traits:   Shy, but friendly.  Learning alot about living in a home.

Interaction with dogs:  

Good.  Would probably enjoy having another dog in the house.

Interaction with cats:   Unknown        

Child requirements:  

Good with older children.

Fence requirements:   Physical fence preferred.

General activity level:   High.  LOVES to walk and play chase with foster sister.  Very puppy like.       

Work schedule best suited for:  

Best scenario would be someone who works from home.

Leash manners:  

Good. Needs work on meeting other dogs along the way.

Degree of training needed:  

Mac knows “sit” and is currently working on “down”.  Will need work on recall and basic commands.  Canine Good Citizen Training would be great for Mac to give her confidence and help her be her very best!

  • Mackenzie with her buddy
    Mackenzie with her buddy
  • Mackenzie sweet face
    Mackenzie sweet face
  • Mackenzie standing
    Mackenzie standing
  • Mackenzie in the grass
    Mackenzie in the grass