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Available Dogs - LuluBelle



My NRGRR name is LuluBelle17 but I go by LuLu. I am so happy that NRGRR is finding me a new home with a family that is ready and excited to care for a dog that is blind.  I have been blind for about 3 years and it does not really stop me from enjoying life.  Folks say I have incredibly soulful, beautiful eyes that shine… they almost look blue sometimes! And I do "look" around as if I can see, and somehow find my foster parent's faces and share a loving gaze.  

My nose and my ears really have stepped up and help me get around.  I listen to my foster family's voices to know where to go, or they squeak one of my toys to let me know where they are.  But I also use my nose.  It only took me a day or so to learn where everything is in my foster home – my bed, the food and water bowls, the toy basket and the door to go outside.  And … I love to go outside!  I really love the yard where I can roam and sniff and explore.  I can go about the yard and get back to the door to go in all by myself!

So what do I like to do?  Well, I am a happy girl.  I wake up wagging my tail and head to bed at night  still wagging it.  I really like to keep a squeak toy with me.  Sometimes it helps buffer my nose if I get too close to a wall or furniture and I am not paying attention to where I am.  I do like to play fetch with a tennis ball but just ask you not toss or roll it too far.  Walks are fun but since I cannot see where I am going, I sometimes just want to stop and take it all in. I am ready to go again in a bit!  I am pretty brave and feisty for an older gal!

Of course, I love my foster folks, especially my foster mom as she is retired and home with me all day.  I like to snuggle up at her feet, get lots of rubs and I give some rubs back!  I also love my treats but my foster mom doesn't give me too  many so I can keep my trim figure. 

I do love other dogs – my foster brother was blind too, and mostly deaf - both of which happened quickly so he had a harder time than I do getting around.  Actually, my foster mom says I am a Seeing Eye dog. At our home it was the "blind leading the blind." I was a big help to him as he followed me with his nose.  Other dogs are fun too. I just need an introduction since I cannot see them coming.  And, children are great.  I just need someone to let them know I cannot see and to greet me calmly and gently.  Then it is all about the love.

I am hoping someone will want to take a chance on me.  My foster family says I am really a smart and sweet gal who brings smiles to everyone I meet.  I just want someone to love, and who will love me too!

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 Twelve years


64 pounds

Health status:  

Good, although she is blind due to cataracts. 

Major personality traits:  

Sweet, curious, attentive, playful. Confident even though she is blind.

Interaction with dogs:  

Good- however being blind she can startle if she is bumped into

Interaction with cats:  

Good - no issues noted

Child requirements:  

She is fine with children as long as she is approached calmly

Fence requirements:  


General activity level:  


Work schedule best suited for:  

Could manage a workday schedule

Leash manners:  

Good, but can be tentative as she assesses the environment. Once familiar she is excited to walk.

Degree of training needed:  

Orientation to new surroundings and areas


  • LuluBelle in yard
    LuluBelle in yard
  • Lulu with toy
    Lulu with toy
  • LuluBelle
  • LuluBelle sniffing the air
    LuluBelle sniffing the air