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Available Dogs - Kaylee



Kaylee came to NRGRR as a stray from a local shelter, but it’s obvious she was a loved friend at some time. She is a very happy and joyful dog, always wagging and ready to follow you around the house. She likes to play with a tennis ball or chew on a bone quietly. She loves to be outside in the yard! She isn’t terrible on leash, but could use a refresher on her leash manners. The same goes for her house manners: she will sit for a treat obediently, but doesn’t seem to understand many other commands yet. She is a very smart girl and wants to please, so should learn quickly.

Kaylee has gotten along well with her canine foster brother, and shows signs that she wants to play. She would do well as part of a pack, or as an only dog. She has been good with free run of the house during the workday, but appreciates a mid-day break, if possible.

This girl is a wonderful dog that is hoping to find a forever home that loves a good snuggle on the couch, but also is up for new adventures. She’s got so much love to give!

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9 years


60 pounds, but still underweight

Health status:   Good

Major personality traits:   Happy, silly, and an always wagging tail.

Interaction with dogs:  

Good with all dogs

Interaction with cats:   A little too interested            

Child requirements:  


Fence requirements:   Recommended but not required

General activity level:   Low - medium            

Work schedule best suited for:  


Leash manners:  

Okay but needs some work

Degree of training needed:  

Basic house manners

  • Kaylee Outside
    Kaylee Outside
  • Kaylee Paws Crossed
    Kaylee Paws Crossed
  • Kaylee Daydreaming
    Kaylee Daydreaming
  • Kaylee happy
    Kaylee happy
  • Kaylee on the deck
    Kaylee on the deck