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Available Dogs - Jersey

Jersey's smile


Jersey is a 7 year old female White Golden Retriever mix.  She speaks the language of love! 

Jersey is a very sweet, cuddly, chill dog.  She loves to have her hair brushed and loves to lie around the house.  She is very good with children and dogs.  Her foster mom has three children; 10, 7, and 1. And she is wonderful with all of them.  She also loves rawhide bones and belly rubs.

Jersey arrived with some special needs. We thought that she was deaf, but have discovered that allergy treatments have greatly improved her hearing! She can still respond to hand signals  such as those used by her foster mom, but now we know she can also hear you. You never know what some good vet care will lead to and for Jersey it led to better hearing!  Jersey would  prefer a stay at home mom or dad. Jersey also has some allergies and at times has needed allergy medication

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Seven years old


50 pounds

Health status:  

Healthy but hearing impaired. Has allergies and occasionally needs medication

Major personality traits:  

Adores people, children, raw hides and belly rubs. Dislikes baths and swimming.

Interaction with dogs:  

Does well with other dogs

Interaction with cats:
Overly interested in cats when seen on walks. might not be a good fit.

Child requirements:   Wonderful with children. Has been in a home with children and unphased by loud/crying children. Reacted well to interactions with baby.


Fence requirements:


General activity level:  

Low to Medium - She is pretty realxed but walks are good for her.

Work schedule best suited for:  

She is house trained and knows not to get on furniture but would do best with a family that has someone at home.

Leash manners:  

needs training

Degree of training needed:  

 needs basic training

  • Jersey waiting
    Jersey waiting
  • Jersey collage
    Jersey collage
  • Jersey's smile
    Jersey's smile