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Available Dogs - Grace

DSC05233 cropped


When I arrived at the rescue, I was a very scared little girl and afraid of everyone and everything.  You see, my mom lived on a chain in a back yard and my brothers and sisters and I were born in a little dog house there.  After a few months, some people showed up, caught us in traps and took us away to a big scary place with lots of other dogs.  Things have definitely been looking up since that time, and I've been learning about how to live in a house and, most importantly, how to trust people.

There are two things that I really love....being outside and doggie playmates!  I come alive when I'm outside and become confident, playful, and frisky.  Add a playful doggie friend to the mix and I'm all set.  I love to run in the woods, play keep away, wrestle, and hunt squirrels with my big foster brother.....he's the best and I follow his lead on everything!.  I also have many neighborhood friends who come over to play every day and we have such a good time.  I'm making good progress trusting my human foster family and I like to be petted and given treats (those hot dogs are the cats meow!).  I come when I'm called (well...most of the time!) and sit for treats.  I'm still afraid when new people come over for a visit, but I'm gradually warming up to some of the regulars and take treats from them (especially when they offer hot dogs!).  I do well in a crate, but don't need one at night or when my foster mom leaves because I'm a good girl in the house and don't chew anything or have accidents.

You might notice that I look different in several of my pictures.  That's because I had to get my thick fur shaved off in order to put some of the issues of my old life behind me .... and now I look naked!  But don't let that deter you from considering me because soon my soft wavy fur will grow back, my tail will fill out, my face and ears will regain their fluffy fur, and I'll be beautiful again.  I can't wait!

I've made a lot of progress, but I have to admit that there are things I still need to learn.  So I'm looking for a kind and patient family who will continue to help me come out of my shell and teach me how to be a confident big girl.  The NRGRR people have said that my new family can adopt me right now or foster me first and then adopt me once they've gotten to know me better so we can make sure this is a good match.  How's that for a good deal!

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Seven months old


30 pounds

Health status:   Excellent

Major personality traits:   Shy little girl who has been through a great deal and is learning to trust people.

Interaction with dogs:  

Great.  She loves all dogs and a friendly dog is required in the foster family.

Interaction with cats:  


Child requirements:  

Clam children over 16 years of age

Fence requirements:   Physical fence required for off-leash play and exercise

General activity level:  

Medium - needs good run or play in yard daily

Work schedule best suited for:  

Best suited for someone at home most or part of teh day.

Leash manners:   Needs work

Degree of training needed:  

General manners and obedience

  • Grace in bed
    Grace and toys
  • DSC05107
    Grace enjoying time outside
  • DSC05369 cropped
    Curious Grace
  • DSC05328
    Grace and Friend
  • DSC05225
    Grace and friend 2
  • DSC05117
    Contemplative Grace
  • DSC05233 cropped
    Grace - Ready for her forever home