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Available Dogs - Gala

Gala Smiles



Happy Holidays to everyone!  My name is Gala and I'm a very sweet and gentle girl.  I get along well with everyone I meet including kids and dogs.  I really like to snuggle and I have the cutest elfin grin when my foster mom rubs my cheeks! And get a load of those ears...they go up and down and all around.  

I'm especially good meeting new people and dogs.  I've been to the dog park and was calm and gentle meeting everyone.  I get along well with all four of my foster brothers and sisters and they range in age from a young puppy to a senior citizen.  I'd make a good companion for another dog in my new life because I'm very respectful of others and there's never any drama.  

I'm an outdoorsy girl and I like to snuffle in the bushes and meander around the yard at my own pace.  My foster mom has been leading me on walks and I'm up to 1 mile now!  I just love being outside and one of my favorite things is chilling out on the screen porch or deck, letting the breeze blow my ears and enjoying the smells of the woods.    

Oh...did I tell you I'm good in the house when my foster mom leaves?   I just chill out while she's gone and have a nap (no need for a crate).  I don't get on the furniture, chew or anything!  I sleep all night in my doggie bed (all four feet in the air most of the time!) and don't make a peep.  I'm also great in the car and just look out the window or sleep during the ride.  

So what do you say....can I be your girl?



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Nine years


45 pounds

Health status:   Excellent

Major personality traits:  

Gentle, sweet girl with an elfin grin! 


Interaction with dogs:  

Gets along well with all dogs

Interaction with cats:  


Child requirements:  

Good with children

Fence requirements:   A fenced yard is required

General activity level:  

Mellow girl who likes to meander around the yard and go for walks

Work schedule best suited for:  

Any schedule will work for Gala

Leash manners:   Needs work. Walks slowly and stops when she wants to go her own way

Degree of training needed:  

Good girl who is well behaved

  • Gala smiling #2
    Gala smiling #2
  • Gala with toy
    Gala with toy
  • Gala on deck
    Gala on deck
  • Gala and Friends
    Gala and Friends
  • Gala on back
    Gala on back
  • Gala walking along deck
    Gala walking along deck
  • Gala Smiles
    Gala Smiles
  • Gala sitting on deck
    Gala sitting on deck