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Available Dogs - Fred

Fred sitting


Hi There.  My name is Fred and I am so excited to meet you.  I didn’t have a lot of training in my previous life so please understand that I might let my enthusiasm to greet you get the better of me. I am trying to learn to be calm but I really need your help there.


I have been told I look like a stuffed animal so it is only natural that I love cuddles.  In fact, my love of cuddles makes me forget myself sometimes.  It’s a good thing I am so cute right?


My foster family has taught me to sit and to go to my room, but I can’t say I am 100% on those commands yet.  I am very food motivated so with time and patience I know I can get the hang of anything you want me to learn.


In my previous life I didn’t have toys or my own space to relax, so sometimes I forgot to share with my foster brothers and sister.  I am getting better about it, and most of the time I have a great time playing with them.  It is just very important for me to be closely supervised while I am warming up to any new fur siblings.  


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45 pounds

Health status:   Excellent

Major personality traits:   Sweet cuddle bug

Interaction with dogs:  

Does well most of the time, but needs to be with calm and well socialized dogs that will give him a little space to adjust.

Interaction with cats:  

Very curious

Child requirements:  

Likes calm children, but as Fred is still learning manners, older children would be better

Fence requirements:   Strongly preferred

General activity level:  


Work schedule best suited for:  


Leash manners:   Still learning

Degree of training needed:  

General Manners, basic obedience

  • Fred with ball
    Fred with ball
  • Fred sitting
    Fred sitting
  • Fred sharing
    Fred sharing