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Available Dogs - Flapjack



Flapjack was born into the rescue to a Lab mom and an unknown dad. He's a big boy who is a bit insecure and needs a confident owner.

Flap is an awesome boy full of personality! He loves his people with all his heart. He is anxious when meeting new people and dogs, and his way of dealing with that is to bluster and sound ferocious. He's not. He's a pussycat in a giant dog's body. He absolutely needs a strong (physically and leadership-wise) owner. He needs to know that his humans have life under control,  only then he can relax and be the wonderful Flapjack that he is.

In the right home, he will be the best dog you could ever imagine. He's been with  trainers for the rescue, for a couple of months and they can't say enough good things about what a sweet, wonderful boy he is!

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Four years old


100 pounds

Health status:   Very healthy

Major personality traits:   Full of personality and adores his people.

Interaction with dogs:  

Not comfortable with other dogs and very reactive. With a proper introduction he would do okay with a stable canine friend

Interaction with cats:  

No cats allowed - he has a strong prey drive

Child requirements:  

Needs older children due to his size. He loves kids but could easily knock one over accidentally

Fence requirements:   Six foot fence required. A lower fence might work with "invisible underground fence" and electronic collar as a back up. He will go over a low fence like it is not even there in order to chase small animals and other dogs.

General activity level:  

High. He needs a work out buddy who is able to run or walk with him every day. A good hike up a mountain a few times week would be perfect.

Work schedule best suited for:  

Any. He does not need to be crated, although you might find him on the couch. He is perfectly house trained and does not chew on things.

Leash manners:   Walks beautifully on a leash and is a stunner. You will get lots of attention when you are out and about.

Degree of training needed:  

He will need a strong leader who can help him feel secure.

  • Flapjack and Banjo Player
    Flapjack and Banjo Player
  • Flapjack looking for his next adventure
    Flapjack looking for his next adventure
  • Flapjack
  • Flapjack1