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Dog Available - Della



Della was owner surrendered and she adjusted to her foster home and schedule almost immediately.  She has not been crated while staying with her foster family. She arrived withsome skin and ear issues but they are both clearing up nicely. She tolerates baths well and in general does not object to grooming.  At night she finds a place to curl up on the floor and sleeps through the night.  When she went to the dog park and she did well and tended to stay near her fosters.  She has not chewed things that are not her dogs toys and treats, and has done no damage to the house.  She's very mellow except when she first greats you.  She could use a big red bow and would love to be under your Christmas tree. 





Two years


53 pounds

Health status:   Good. She still has some issues with her skin and ears but they are both clearing up nicely with baths and medication.

Major personality traits:  

Sweet dog who wants to be near you all the time. She's always ready and willing to go for a walk or to play fetch.

Interaction with dogs:  

Great! She wrestles with her three year-old foster sibling, but gives the 14 year-old space,  which makes them both happy!

Interaction with cats:
Unknown. she has shown interest in squirrels but has not had the opportunity to chase them

Child requirements:   Della loves everyone. She occasionally jumps up to get your attention bu thas not been seen to do this with a child.

Fence requirements:  

She has not been off leash with her fosters, but tends to stay close by while on the leash. A fence would be a plus.

General activity level:  

Medium. She enjoys a good long walk but curls up and naps when sitting around the house.

Work schedule best suited for:  

Would tolerate most schedules just fine


Leash manners:   She pulls a little but responds well with a chest harness. She tends to stop and sniff a great deal but will continue with a short tug.

Degree of training needed:   More leash work and general training, such as remaining calm when she first meets someone. She does understand sit and down.