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Available Dogs - Dansby

Dansby in leaves


Hi, my name is Dansby, and I can be your new BFF!  If you’re looking for a dog that will greet you at the door and be jumping for joy to see you, I’m your guy!


My favorite thing in the world (besides food, of course) is a long walk.  It’s been really hard keeping my activity level “low-key”  during heartworm treatment because I still have a lot of energy.  I’m also very strong!  I think I’m considered a medium sized dog, but I’m very solidly built. 


My foster family is really happy that I am so trustworthy around the house.  I have “free rein” (my foster parents say that this is a privilege I earned), and I haven’t torn up a single thing.  I did once try to open an Amazon package that was left on the floor because I thought I smelled food in there, but other than that, I don’t bother your stuff.  Which is great news if you happen to have kids who leave their stuff lying around.


I like everyone in the family, but I get really attached to the people who feed and walk me, so much that if I can’t be nearby, then I get a little anxious.  I definitely want to sleep in the same room with you.  And if you go outside, I want to go too!  I know I can’t go to “work” or the “grocery store,” so if you have to go to those places, I will lie by the door patiently waiting for you to get home.


So what do you think?  If you read this and looked at my cute pics and got a little excited, be sure to ask your application advisor about me.


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Eight Years


50 pounds 

Health status:  


Major personality traits:  

Sweet and gentle, sometimes a bit anxious

Interaction with dogs:  

Should be fine. Mostly uninterested

Interaction with cats:  

No cats

Child requirements:  

Children over 6

Fence requirements:  


General activity level:  


Work schedule best suited for:  

Any regular hours

Leash manners:  

Excited at first, then settles in.

Degree of training needed:  

Reinforcement on leash and home manners

  • Dansby and friend
    Dansby and friend
  • Dansby in leaves
    Dansby in leaves
  • Dansby Being Patient
    Dansby Being Patient
  • Dansby Waiting for his Family
    Dansby Waiting for his Family
  • Dansby Shares a Smile
    Dansby Shares a Smile
  • Dansby in his favorite hat
    Dansby in his favorite hat