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Available Dogs - Dancer

Dancer and his smiling face


My name is Dancer and while I can’t tell you where I came from, I know that where I want to be is with my family. I really don’t like being apart from my foster, so any time he goes into a room and closes the door, I camp outside it until he comes out. And if he stands up, I wait right there with him just in case he wants to go somewhere, like for a walk, or to get me some food, or for a walk. Did I mention I LOVE going for walks? the longer the better!

My foster has gotten me a few toys. I’m not really sure what some of them are for, but I do love to chew on the tasty ones. I think I might get along with another friendly dog if we have time to get to know each other first, but I’m much more interested in people. In fact, when I feel lonely and my foster is around, I like to try and climb onto his lap when he’s sitting in his big office chair, and give him lots of kisses to show how much I want to be loved.

If your family has lots of time and love to give me, I’d love to go home with you and worm my way into your heart… and your couch, bed, and any other furniture you might be sitting on at the time as well. I can't wait to meet you!



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one and a half years old


58 pounds

Health status:   Very healthy and energetic!

Major personality traits:   Enthusiastic over everything! Sometimes too much so!


Interaction with dogs:  

Friendly with other friendly dogs

Interaction with cats:  

Appears to be indifferent but not tested

Child requirements:  

Older children due to her exhuberant nature

Fence requirements:   Required/recommended

General activity level:  


Work schedule best suited for:  

Likes it when you work form home but can be left alone for a few hours.

Leash manners:   Pulls on the leash a bit but learning.

Degree of training needed:  

Knows how to sit and lie down and is completely house trained.

  • Dancer and his smiling face
    Dancer and her smiling face
  • Dancer looking
    Dancer looking
  • Dancer resting
    Dancer resting