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Available Dogs - Coach

Happy Coach



Coach is looking for a lap where he can rest his sweet, red head!

Coach is slow to trust, so he needs someone that will be patient with him and help him feel safe when he is anxious or stressed. It makes it that much more rewarding the first time he decides to come up and lay his head on your lap! After that point, you have a loyal friend for life. Coach recently had a surgery to remove a sarcoma on his foot, and he lost a toe in the process (which is why all of his pictures include bandages and a shaved leg). He is a little clumsy right now figuring out his balance, but he doesn’t mind one bit. When his fluffy red hair grows back, you won’t notice at all! He is a laid back guy who likes walks, but is also content napping with his favorite person nearby. He never needed a crate at my house, but he does need his own space to hide by himself while he is getting used to the transition. Once you earn Coach’s trust, you will have the most loving, dorky, sweet, understanding, all around most fantastic dog you can hope for!

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Eight years


74 pounds

Health status:   Good - is recovering from surgery on his paw

Major personality traits:  

Quirky, sweet, and completely adorable. Independent and likes to be left alone sometimes. He is a little slow to trust, but is so wonderful when you win him over.

Interaction with dogs:  

He likes to be the dominant dog and loves playing with laid back pups. He does not get along with dominant dogs at first.

Interaction with cats:  

Untested but has ignored the ones he has seen at the vet.

Child requirements:  

He can be fearful and nervous in some situations so should not be with children.

Fence requirements:   Needs a sturdy fence. He is a runner if he gets out.

General activity level:  

Pretty low. He likes short walks and wrestling with my pups a little bit, but overall is content to lay his sweet head on your lap and take naps.

Work schedule best suited for:  


Leash manners:  

He is very excited for the first few minutes but with a couple of corrections, he settles in and walks very nicely. He will start to lag behind when he loses interest. Great with other people, dogs, bikes, or anything he passes on the trail. 

Degree of training needed:  

Has not had much training but is a fast learner. Currently working on waiting by the door instead of dashing out. Will initially need a  space to be left alone when he is scared, such as during thunderstorms. His foster has earned his trust and he now comes to her when he is stressed

  • Coach likes to walk
    Coach likes to walk
  • Happy Coach
    Happy Coach
  • Sleepy Coach
    Sleepy Coach
  • Coach
  • Coach recovering
    Coach recovering
  • Coach with a friend
    Coach with a friend