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Available Dogs - Chloe




Hi my name is Chloe and I am a sweet and loving puppy.  I don’t really know what kind of a dog I am but everyone tells me I am a very pretty little girl.  I love attention, being petted and belly rubs, lots of belly rubs!  I will also do most anything for a treat and I take them gently most of the time. Occasionally I get a little excited and might try to grab, but with a correction from my foster Mom,  I calm down and take it gently.

Since I’m only 9 months old and never had any training before coming to NRGGR, I’m still learning my house manners and what I should not chew on and what to stay off of (like counters).  I’m crate trained and sleep in my crate all night.  I’m working on potty training and haven’t had any accidents lately (frequent potty breaks help!).  I walk well on a leash, I know "sit" and I’m working on "down" and "stay."  

I love to go to the barn to feed the horses with my foster family, and love running in the pasture and swimming in the pond with my foster sister.  I also love to go for rides in the golf cart or the car!  I jump right in the truck with my foster Mom and either look out the window or lie down and go to sleep.  Sometimes, I put my front end on the console between the front seats so I can look out the windshield to see where we are going, and help my foster Mom look out for any problems!

When I’m in the house I’m usually close to my foster Mom.  I enjoy chewing on antlers or playing with my toys.  I’m a little shy when I first meet people but a few treats, kind words and reassurance from my foster Mom and I’m very friendly.  I’m also quite a talker. I like to tell my foster Mom everything that happened during the night when she gets me out of my crate in the morning, or what went on when she returns home from errands.  Don’t you want a pretty, young, smart and energetic pup to be part of your family?

From foster Mom:  

Chloe is a very smart puppy and learns quickly.  She would probably do very well in agility training since she is so energetic and loves to play.

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Nine and a half months


30 pounds

Health status:   Excellent

Major personality traits:  

Sweet friendly girl (once she gets to know you), playful, energetic

Interaction with dogs:  

Gets along well with other dogs, loves to play!

Interaction with cats:  

Not tested but would probably chase them

Child requirements:  

Due to her age and energy would probably do best with older children

Fence requirements:   Fenced yard recommended in order to expend energy

General activity level:  

Very active

Work schedule best suited for:  

Would do well with frequent potty breaks, so someone home during teh day would be ideal

Leash manners:  

Very good, only needs occasional correction

Degree of training needed:  

Still learning house rules. A basic obedience class would be good and help with bonding.