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Available Dogs - Casper

Casper lying down


Perhaps you are old enough to remember Casper the Friendly Ghost on TV, but perhaps you missed the fun of Casper’s adventures. Either way, this Casper – Casper the Friendly Dog – will capture your heart and be ready for life’s adventures with you.

He will be with you, nearly constantly, if you adopt him. Casper does not like to be alone if anyone is home. He much prefers to be with his person or people at all times and will follow you from room to room as you go about your day. If you stop in any one place for a few minutes, Casper will settle down and wait quietly until you are ready to move again. He really appreciates it if you give him something to gently chew on while he’s waiting, but he will wait at your feet without complaint if not.

Don’t take that to mean that he’s a couch potato. Casper has tons of energy and will run and play easily and happily. He likes playing with another dog, tolerates ear pulls and tussling. He will give as good as he gets when wrestling. He is a master at fetch.

He loves long walks and can go for miles. He even loves to walk on his leash with some of the leash in his mouth, walking himself.

Casper’s love and happiness is expressed in his whole body when he greets you. Wagging his tail wags his entire body in the cutest way possible.

Casper prefers to do his business while on leash on morning and night walks. He is very hesitant to be free and loose in the fenced yard, staying close to his person when possible, so doesn’t “go” in the yard often.  He’s definitely catching on to house training and will make it outside most of the time now, especially when offered multiple opportunities throughout the day.

Casper is highly food and treat motivated and a bouncy sort of dog when there’s food involved. He wants to please you so much, especially if you have treats, so training is going easily. He’s a smart dog, quickly learning his manners and tries to have patience when food and treats are involved. He will sit for treats, at least temporarily, and takes them gently if he isn’t too excited. 

Casper is a work in progress and will make a fantastic pet for someone. 

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Two years old


65 pounds

Health status:  

Very good.

Major personality traits:   Gentle, sweet, loves attention, bonds closely with his caregiver.         

Interaction with dogs:   Good with all dogs with appropriate introduction.             

Interaction with cats:  

NO cats. He chases and corners cats. 

Child requirements:  

Great with older children. Not tested with younger children.

Fence requirements:  

Fenced yard recommended, loves to play and fetch off leash.

General activity level:  

Medium, laid-back in the house but likes to run outside and take long walks.

Work schedule best suited for:  

Likes it best if someone is home most of the time.

Leash manners:  

Walks very well on a leash. 

Degree of training needed:  

Knows how to sit. Working on finishing house training and “off” (he’s a counter surfer and stands on hind legs scratching if on the opposite side of a door or window from his person/people.)

  • Casper ready
    Casper ready
  • Capser at home
    Capser at home
  • Casper with a chew toy
    Casper with a chew toy
  • Casper at the park
    Casper at the park
  • Casper lying down
    Casper lying down