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Dog Available -Burton

Burtons sweet face


I’m Burton, and once I get to know you I am the happiest, sweetest, most joyful dog you’ll meet! I’ll wag my tail so hard when you get home that you will not need to sweep the floor! I’ll love to cuddle up next to you on the sofa if you’ll let me, or curl up near your feet when you are working. I’d love to play with a furry sibling if you have one for me. I like to walk with my human, love to race around the yard, and especially enjoy treats (which I take quite gently). I also like to chase squirrels and rabbits and birds, and most anything that moves. I have been known to find all the holes and loose places along the fence, but once I get out I mainly just want to get back into the yard. I like my crate. Most of the time it sits with the door wide open (even when my foster mom is at work) so I can go freely in and out. I'll sometimes choose to go lie down in it, or even hide toys in the cozy blanket there.

However,  I’m scared of strangers, and will bark if they get too close too fast. My foster mom slowly introduces me to my new friends, and once I know that they are good people I adore them too! I wish I could talk so I could explain what happened in my past to make me fearful, but I can’t, so I need an experienced dog owner who can help me continue to learn that most people are nice.

I’d love a forever home that will help me become more confident, and will let me grow into the perfect dog I want to be!

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Four years


50 pounds

Health status:   Excellent

Major personality traits:  

Sweet happy boy once he gets to know you. Scared of strangers and needs time to adjust to new people.

Interaction with dogs:  

After a proper introduction he loves other dogs. Has had a wonderful time playing with his foster sibling.

Interaction with cats:
Unknown, probably probably not a good idea considering he loves to chase everything in the yard.

Child requirements:   No young children. Responsible teens who understand the need to introduce new people with guidance would be good.

Fence requirements:  

Fence is required. Burton will find any holes, gaps or loose boards for you.

General activity level:  

Medium. He loves to play and take long walks but is perfectly happy to curl up at the end of the day.

Work schedule best suited for:  


Leash manners:   Pulls initially but settles down with guidance.

Degree of training needed:   Needs more work meeting strangers, and walking on the leash. Perfectly house trained, doesn't chew on things that are not his, and sleeps quietly through the night.

  • Burton walking with a friend
    Burton walking with a friend
  • Burton's sweet face
    Burton's sweet face
  • Burton snuggling on the sofa
    Burton snuggling on the sofa
  • Burton watching a squirrel in the snow
    Burton watching a squirrel in the snow
  • Burton with snow on his nose
    Burton with snow on his nose
  • Burton sleeping
    Burton sleeping
  • Burton resting his head
    Burton resting his head
  • Burton playing outside with a toy
    Burton playing outside with a toy
  • Burton and a toy
    Burton and a toy
  • Burton in the snow
    Burton in the snow
  • Burton
  • Burton and his wagging tail
    Burton and his wagging tail
  • Burton exploring
    Burton exploring