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Available Dogs - Buddy



Buddy is a wonderful high-energy 2 year old who is affectionate and outgoing and silly, and has a bit of a sensitive personality. Buddy is house- and crate-trained, loves walks, going with you to dog-friendly places, and playing with other dogs. 

Buddy would love daily walks or runs and needs daily exercise at this stage of his life. Will chase a ball some but really needs you or another playful dog to get his daily exercise. He's a gentleman in the house - most of the time. Buddy has a strong need to chew and needs "power chewer" things like antlers or kongs. He will "do surgery" on soft toys. Buddy also loves to steal paper towels or napkins or dishcloths or socks . . . and can have trouble giving them back. Buddy's owner will need to have a picked up house so he doesn't eat something like a dishcloth. He has some sensitivity to being grabbed by the collar so a leash works best. 

Buddy would be a perfect dog for a dog trainer or a dog training class junkie. He's playful and smart and active, and needs lots of love along with clear boundaries and consistent leadership to be his best dog. Buddy needs an experienced dog owner who can deal with the pushy side of his personality and maintain his good manners. He has lots of love to give in return. 

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2 years


74 pounds

Health status:   Excellent

Major personality traits:   Playful, affectionate, mischievous

Interaction with dogs:  

Wonderful with other dogs, loves to play

Interaction with cats:   Has been around one before, leaves alone

Child requirements:  

No children due to energy and pushiness

Fence requirements:   None required but high exercise needs so helpful

General activity level:  

Medium/high and needs daily exercise            

Work schedule best suited for:  


Leash manners:  

Good but he is a very strong dog

Degree of training needed:  

Well trained but must have consistent leadership

  • Buddy relaxing
    Buddy relaxing
  • Buddy in the yard
    Buddy in the yard
  • Buddy enjoying the cool floor
    Buddy enjoying the cool floor
  • Buddy smiles
    Buddy smiles
  • Buddy sitting
    Buddy sitting
  • Buddy ready to go
    Buddy ready to go