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Available Dogs - Brennen

BrennenInThe Sunroom


My name is Brennan, but I do answer to Charlie.  Somehow my owners felt they couldn’t take care of me any longer, so I ended up at the shelter where the nice lady from the rescue came and picked me up.  I was in such bad shape, that she took me to the vet immediately.  My coat was awful, with flea and tick infestation as well as another skin infection that made me chew on my back!  And on top of everything, I was heart worm positive.  And not to forget, I had yeast infections in both ears and a growth on my left inner eye lid. 


The rescue made sure I got the care I needed and found a wonderful foster home.  I am the only dog in the house, so all the love and kisses come my way!!  I have had two heart worm treatments, my ears are clean, the growth on my eye was removed and the fur on my back is almost grown in.  Now I look like the beautiful boy I was meant to be.


I would love to find a fur-ever home maybe with another dog and kids to play with.  I just love to play!!!  My leash manners need work but I promise I will be good!  I am housebroken and can be left alone for hours at a time without being crated.  My Foster Mom lets me sleep on the sofa at night, but maybe my own bed would be great!  Do you have an extra bed at your house???  Maybe with a cookie or two???


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Four years old


62 pounds

Health status:  


Major personality traits:  

Loving.  Sweet,  Wants to please.

Interaction with dogs:  

Good - He is cautious meeting  new dogs initially but then it is playtime!

Interaction with cats:
Curious but keeps his distance

Child requirements:  

Older children. He wants to jump and play so small children may be knocked down

Fence requirements:  

Preferred. It is a good way for him to run off some steam.

General activity level:  

Medium to high. He likes to play fetch and actually brings the stick back!

Work schedule best suited for:  

He is fine alone. A potty break midday would be nice. 

Leash manners:  

Needs work

Degree of training needed:  

 Knows basic commands - Sit, Stay (but not for long) and stop. 

  • Brennen.Is it time to get up
    Brennen.Is it time to get up
  • BrennenInThe Sunroom
    BrennenInThe Sunroom
  • Brennen17