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Available Dogs - Big Papi

Big Papi and toy


I just found out I'm a "Copper Golden!" I had no idea that's a Thing, but I guess it is and it's apparently a very Cool Thing.  I have a beautiful, soft, coppery colored coat.

Don't let the white hairs on my face fool you, I am eight years old, going on four. I have a lot of energy but I am very well behaved.  I'm just always enthusiastic about whatever we do. I've learned to go running with my foster mom and foster brother and she tells me I make a great running dog. I like to follow my foster mom around the house. When she comes back home, or back into the room, or back into my field of vision I like to pick up a toy and greet her with it. And here's my superpower:  I can fit more than one toy in my mouth at once!  I love to do that, but when I'm offered a treat I have to think about how to make that fit in too!


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Ten years old


70 pounds

Health status:   Excellent

Major personality traits:   Active, happy, gentle

Interaction with dogs:  


Interaction with cats:  


Child requirements:  

Should be great with children of any age

Fence requirements:   Not required but he does enjoy spending time outside

General activity level:  

Medium to active

Work schedule best suited for:  


Leash manners:   Great on leash and approaching other dogs. If dogs lunge and bark, he will as well.

Degree of training needed:  


  • Big Papi and toy
    Big Papi and toy
  • Big Papi's smile
    Big Papi's smile
  • Big Papi on his bed
    Big Papi on his bed