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Available Dogs - Barkley



Hello! My name is Barkley. Ironically I don’t bark much, so my foster parent has been calling me Charlie after some famous person named Charles Barkley, lol. 

The most noticeable thing about me is my small size. I am a pint size golden mix with a golden heart and a lot of personality.  I am foremost, a lap dog and would love to sit on your lap while you are watching sports or whatever is on TV and have you rub my chest or pet me.   I love my daily walks as I am very inquisitive.  I enjoy sitting on the patio and staring outdoors.  I am still a puppy and I can be a little mouthy, but if you give me toys and other things to chew on we can work on that together.  I have taken my foster parents shoes but have never chewed on them.  I have been known to take socks also.  I know where to go potty and will let you know by standing by the door. I prefer to do my business on pine straw instead of grass. I won't go willingly in the crate but if you must put me in there briefly I won’t fuss. I do hope to win your trust and be able to roam freely. I also would be a great dog in a home with or without another dog…as long as I have play dates I am good to go.

I love the attention of humans and enjoy my playtime with my foster brothers and sisters.  If you are looking for a lifetime of love like I am we may be the perfect match!

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9-10 months


35-40 pounds

Health status:  


Major personality traits:  

A little hesitate with new things but mostly happy and friendly.

Interaction with dogs:  


Interaction with cats:  


Child requirements:  

Older children preferred as he is mouthy (soft play bites but can get overly excited).

Fence requirements:   Preferred but not required.

General activity level:  

Medium, can be very playful with another active dog.

Work schedule best suited for:  

Any but needs a mid day break for potty training as he is still a puppy.

Leash manners:  

Not bad, needs continued training.

Degree of training needed:  

Continue all basic training, will sometimes sit, very food motivated.

  • Barkley wondering why all the pictures
    Barkley wondering why all the pictures
  • Barkley sitting on the deck
    Barkley sitting on the deck
  • Barkley ready for a ride
    Barkley ready for a ride
  • Barkley posing
    Barkley posing
  • Barkley by the pond
    Barkley by the pond
  • Barkley loves the Wolfpack
    Barkley loves the Wolfpack
  • Barkley on the deck
    Barkley on the deck
  • Barkley dressed for a night out
    Barkley dressed for a night out
  • Barkley on his bed
    Barkley on his bed
  • Barkley looking regal
    Barkley looking regal