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Available Dogs - Alfie

Alfie smiling


Hello everyone, my name is Alfie and I'm just a friendly young guy who loves life!  I'm an all around good boy and I love to snuggle with my people and play with my doggie friends.  I come when I'm called (well...most of the time!) and sit for treats.  I enjoy meeting new people and run right over and say hello.  Sometimes I'm a bit exuberant and jump on people, but I'm working on that with my foster family right now.  

I like all kinds of toys - stuffed toys, balls, bones, kongs...they're all great!  I also love to run in the woods and hunt squirrels with my big foster brother and I follow his lead on everything.  My foster sister is a senior and she has taught me to respect my elders.  I leave her alone......most of the time!  I also have many neighborhood friends who come over to play every day and we have such a good time running around the yard, wrestling, and chasing each other.  Did I tell you I love the water?  I don't swim yet, but I love to run around the edge of the pond and chase my friends....really tuckers me out!  As you can tell I'm an active guy and my foster mom thinks I'd make a great running buddy.

I'm fully potty trained and never have accidents in the house.  I don't need to sleep in the crate any more at night because I just curl up in my big squishy puppy bed and sleep all night.  Oh...did I tell you that I'm good in the car?  I just sit and look out the window or go to sleep!  

So what do you say...do you have room for me in your family?

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Eight months


55 pounds

Health status:   Excellent

Major personality traits:   Friendly young boy who loves life!

Interaction with dogs:  

Great! Loves all dogs! A playful active dog is required in the adoptive family

Interaction with cats:  


Child requirements:  

Children over 8 because he might knock over a small child when excited

Fence requirements:   Physical fence required for off leash play and exercise

General activity level:  

Very active. needs long walk/run, chasing a ball, and play time in yard with another frisky dog daily

Work schedule best suited for:  

Best with someone home most/part of the day

Leash manners:   Needs work

Degree of training needed:  

General puppy training

  • Alfie at pond
    Alfie at pond
  • Alfie and pals
    Alfie and pals
  • Alfie and friends
    Alfie and friends
  • Alfie sleeping
    Alfie sleeping
  • Alfie smiling
    Alfie smiling
  • Alfie17
  • Alfie sitting
    Alfie sitting
  • Alfie in chair
    Alfie in chair