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Available Dogs - Agnes



Agnes, aka Aggie or Nessa, is a beauty. She is a delightful mix and you can have fun guessing all the good kinds of dog in there! Aggie has dainty feet, sheds but not excessively, and has golden blonde hair. But it is her soulful eyes and floppy ears that are her best features.

Aggie really likes routine and prefers a calmer household to be her best dog. She likes routine!  She even prefers to toilette in the same spots.  Aggie is still a puppy and likes to move shoes around and chew paper.  She has been a great help to me in convincing my husband not to sort his important papers on the office floor!  She does not do well in a crate but has her own oversized bed which functions as her "safe place."  She likes to be in the room with you, but for comfort, not pestering.  Her leash manners are excellent and her energy level is such that she probably would love to run with someone.

If you are looking for a sweet, petite young girl, Aggie is the pup for you!


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15 months


40 pounds

Health status:  


Major personality traits:  

Submissive with adults, very polite

Interaction with dogs:   Rambunctious but not aggressive, fine at dog park.            

Interaction with cats:  


Child requirements:  

Older child or none

Fence requirements:  

Would be best so she can have an area to run.

General activity level:  


Work schedule best suited for:  

She is used to outside breaks every 3-4 hours

Leash manners:  

Very good

Degree of training needed:  

She can sit and lie down, but stay and come still need work.

  • Agnes on her bed
    Agnes on her bed
  • Jeepers, where did I get these ears
    Jeepers, where did I get these ears
  • Agnes loves beach walks
    Agnes loves beach walks