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Available Dogs - Nadine




Hi! My name is Nadine. What’s your name? I ended up in a shelter because, well, I’m a puppy! I have lots of energy and lots to learn and my previous family just couldn’t handle all that. But, I’m learning so much in my foster home. I know sit and I walk great on a leash, unless I see a squirrel or something else that excites me, but I listen to corrections and try to do better. I’m still working on manners but my foster mom says I’m doing much better.

I love playing with my foster siblings. My foster mom says I’m a toy hog … I thought I was a dog! I want whatever toy someone else has! When one of my foster brothers tells me to let go, I listen, ‘cause he’s kinda in charge. If you throw a toy I’ll race to get it and bring it right back so we can do that over, and over, and over and …  Well, you get the idea! And, I’m the tug of war champ!

Sometimes, I can be a bit mouthy with my toys, so I need big people in my world that can help remind me about toy etiquette. I go straight in my crate for a dog biscuit and most times I don’t fuss about having to stay in there. I sleep through the night and don’t make a sound. After all, you need your rest to keep up with me! My foster mom thinks I would be a great running partner to help use up some of my energy. So, should I call you Mom? Dad?

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Ten months


46 pounds

Health status:   Excellent

Major personality traits:  

Playful, loving, and bouncy.

Interaction with dogs:    Very friendly but could irritate older dogs with her playfulness, would be nice to have another young playmate to wear down her energy.

Interaction with cats:   Curious and playful, but can scare them with her enthusiasm.

Child requirements:  

Older children preferred, can be mouthy with toys and play.

Fence requirements:   Preferred, although she does best when leash walked to potty.

General activity level:  

Very active and high energy.

Work schedule best suited for:  

Can manage a full work day but would do best with a flexible schedule or someone home part time.

Leash manners:  

Good, but pulls occasionally when she gets excited

Degree of training needed:   Continue obedience and indoor rules.
  • Nadine looking cute
    Nadine looking cute
  • Nadine loves to play
    Nadine loves to play
  • Nadine resting
    Nadine resting
  • Nadine sitting pretty
    Nadine sitting pretty