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Available Dogs - Guiness



Guiness is a cute, fluffy guy who is happy with some moderate activity. He does well with female dogs (he's a ladies man!) and ignores cats. Guiness has a sweet face and lovely dark eyes that he wants to focus on his new owners - is that you?

Guiness is a great companion. He likes to be near his person and will lay by your side for hours. He is very fond of naps.  He would be perfect for the homebody or home office person. He likes to go for a walk and does very well on a leash. He is also content to wander around his fenced in backyard, sniffing everything. 

Guiness does have some "stranger danger" and needs leadership on how to meet new people coming into the house, or he can observe and learn that they are friends or family from his crate. He's an easy boy to love. We need to find this guy a new home with a foster with the option to adopt.

Reminder for approved applicants - to apply for one or more available dogs, contact your applications advisor. Don't know who your advisor is? Email NRGRRapplications@hotmail.com.

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Five to six years


40 pounds

Health status:  


Major personality traits:   Sweet, loyal, easy going.  Needs help meeting people outside his immediate family.

Interaction with dogs:  

Loves the girl dogs, needs slow introduction to the boys.

Interaction with cats:  

Ignores or is companionable

Child requirements:  

Adult home with no children.

Fence requirements:  

Yes please because Guiness loves sniffing around.

General activity level:  

Low to medium

Work schedule best suited for:  

Any, but really prefers to have somebody around.

Leash manners:  


Degree of training needed:  

Leadership when non-family members enter the house.

  • Guiness
  • Guiness likes the occasional antler to chew
    Guiness likes the occasional antler to chew
  • Guiness hears the cookie jar
    Guiness hears the cookie jar
  • Guiness says Hi! glad you are home
    Guiness says Hi! glad you are home