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Available Dogs - Bubba



Bubba is what we like to call a "black golden". He may be black in color, but he has the long coat and the playful, loving spirit of a golden. He's on the younger side at 4 years old, and he's got the energy to prove it! Bubba loves to play and run. He could play with his tennis ball all day, and he'll gladly remind you if you haven't thrown his ball in a while. He does great with long runs on the leash and he loves to go for rides in the car, so he's ready to join you on your next adventure!

Don't let his level of energy scare you, though - he's a very sweet guy and he's certainly well behaved in the house. Bubba has never had an accident in his foster's house, and he feels right at home in his crate. He sleeps on his own bed through the night, and he'll even let you sleep in! Where he does need some work is jumping up. He has great balance on his hind legs and he likes to greet you on your level. He also has a tendency to growl when strangers enter the house, but it doesn't take long for him to warm up and for his trademark smile to return.

If you're looking for an active friend to join you on your adventures, then check out this happy and handsome guy.

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4 years


45 - 50 pounds

Health status:   Excllent

Major personality traits:  

Playful and sweet. Loves to run and can play fetch all day. 

Interaction with dogs:  

Does well with other dogs. Eager to meet dogs on walks and has always been playful and well behaved on play dates.

Interaction with cats:  

Not recommended. Tries to chase neighbor's cat and rabbits.

Child requirements:  

Very sweet with older children. Not recommended for smaller children due to high energy. 

Fence requirements:   Strongly recommended. Would be great to have a yard to run free in.

General activity level:  

High - needs a run or multiple walks daily.

Work schedule best suited for:  

Any, but allow time for exercise.

Leash manners:   Could use work on pulling to meet people and dogs.

Degree of training needed:  

Knows sit, down, stay, and shake. Needs work on jumping up.

  • Bubba sees a rabbit
    Bubba sees a rabbit
  • Bubba turning up the cuteness
    Bubba turning up the cuteness
  • Bubba smiling
    Bubba smiling