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Available Dog -Brooks

Brooks with tag


I'm Brooks, and I’m really happy to be introduced! I had a pretty serious health scare this spring, but thanks to quick action by NRGRR and awesome veterinary care I am feeling great and expect to make a full recovery.

I love my golden foster sister and have learned a lot about how to play appropriately from her, so I’d really love to have another dog sibling in my new home to help me continue to learn proper doggie etiquette. My foster mom says I am pretty chill for a puppy, but that’s probably because it’s hard work getting healthy and growing, and I still like to take lots of naps!

I really like to cuddle with you after I've had playtime, and I enjoy being rocked to sleep at night, since it helps me settle down and get ready to go into my crate. I still occasionally wake up during the night and need a quick trip outside to go potty (and get some more snuggles), but then I will go back to sleep for a few more hours. I am proud to say that I am already pretty much housebroken, and I’m learning how to come, sit, and wait for food, which is really hard for a growing pup like me!

Now that I’m feeling a lot better, I am more confident and like to explore outside, so I'd love a fenced yard, too. I’ve already learned how to walk well on a leash, and I love to meet people on my daily walks who stop to pet me and tell me how soft and fluffy I am, and who give me ear scratches and belly rubs. So, while I've had a great time learning basic doggie and household manners in my foster home, it's time for me to find an awesome family who will love me forever and help me become the best pup I can be!

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Gender:   Male


15 weeks


15 pounds

Health status:  

Good and Improving

Major personality traits:  

Intelligent, playful, friendly, loves to cuddle

Interaction with dogs:  

Excellent, would benefit from having another active adult dog at home (other family dog(s) must be 1-year+)

Interaction with cats:  


Child requirements:  

Elementary aged and up

Fence requirements:  


General activity level:  

Medium with normal periods of high puppy energy

Work schedule best suited for:  

Someone home most of the time to help continue with household manners and training

Leash manners:  

Great, learned very quickly and loves to walk alongside the adult dogs in his foster home

Degree of training needed:  

Continued puppy training required, but is smart and a very quick study!


  • Brooks with tag
    Brooks with tag
  • Brooks with foster sibling3
    Brooks with foster sibling3
  • Brooks with foster sibling2
    Brooks with foster sibling2
  • Brooks at home
    Brooks at home
  • Brooks looking up
    Brooks looking up
  • Brooks in yard
    Brooks in yard
  • Brooks laughing
    Brooks laughing
  • Brooks with foster sibling
    Brooks with foster sibling
  • Brooks healing
    Brooks healing