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We have never met a perfect golden retriever.  Every golden is different and they each have flaws. Some of those flaws can cost a lot of money.  If you are looking for a perfect golden retriever, a rescue dog is probably not for you.  We certainly have wonderful dogs, but each requires lots of time and training.

Goldens require more attention than the average dog. They were bred to be companion dogs and and don't like being left alone. Goldens have health issues like many of the most popular breeds.  Regular vet care, good food, supplies, and flea/tick medications can easily reach $1,500 a year, or more.  Vet visits for a sick dog run into the hundreds and thousands of dollars.

We try our best to address health and behavior challenges when dogs come into our program, but we may not always be successful.  Shelter dogs can’t tell us their stories and  "owner surrender" stories are not always accurate.  No dog, rescued or purchased, is perfect.

Is a golden retriever right for you and your family?

Will it be a concern if:

There is dog hair everywhere?  Tumbling across the hard floor, woven into the cushions of your furniture, on your clothes when you are 1000 miles away from home on a business trip, even in your food once in awhile?

You keep finding tennis balls dropped in your bubble bath, or even more exciting, an 80 pound water-loving golden decides to join you in the tub?

Your boss is over for dinner and your furry family member parades by with yesterday’s underwear?  Your teen’s phone?  Or a critter he found for you in the back yard?

Tonight’s potluck dish disappears off the counter when you step away to answer the phone?

You come home from work to find your dog stretched out on the dining table wagging at you?

Your fur-kid wants to go everywhere with you, including (especially!) the toilet because you have two hands free for scratching?

Many of these behaviors are manageable with a little thought and planning, but they do happen!  If you answered “YES” to more than one or two of these questions, or they sound overwhelming in print, it will likely be intolerable in reality.  

I’m not sure a golden is right for me.  I need to learn more about the breed.

I'm not sure a golden is right for me.  Let me look to adopt from other local rescue groups.

I have read the information above and would like to learn more about your process.